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  • Steam Christmas Sale 2011 starts December 19?


    Lets get this right from the start. This post is pure speculation at its best. Ok, now thats out the way, Sandswept, indie developers behind the Game detour have posted the dates that it will be on sale again. Could that date be the dates of the Christmas Steam Sale?

    Any PC gamer that knows anything about sales basically stopped buying games a few weeks ago. In a way thats bad for our indie developers as im sure they have a hard enought ime selling their games without people getting all stingy on them. Unfortunately\ fortunately thats the way that Steam has conditioned many, that unless a game is X amount of dollars, thent he game isnt worth buying.

    So whether that’s why Sandswept tweeted the next date that their game, “Detour”, will be on sale, which coincidentally, lines up with Christmas time, December 19 to January 2. So one one only assumes that Steam must have sales around that period..wait and see i guess…

    Sandswept Tweet

    Sandswept Tweet

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    • yogzgm

      i wonder if its okay to buy games at xmas sale for muslim…

      • Muslim Gamer

        of course it is :) As long as you are buying the games and they are halal games then you can buy them when ever you like :)

    • Abdraheim

      A sale is a sale when ever it is whether the advertisement connects it with Eid, hanaka or Christmas there ae no religious significants beyond that.

    • Chluiynnhton

      is left 4 dead 2 gonna be on sale on this sale coming up also?

      • Muslim Gamer

        not sure Chluiynnhton. It has been on sale almost every other sale so i would expect it to be. There is also the killing floor free weekend coming up to ;)

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