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  • Real Life Gaming – The Quadcopter


    I have been a fan of remote control cars and planes for a while….when it comes down to it, which guy isnt? So when I came across this quad copter I was blown away by the agility and the speed of this thing.

    I first came across quad copters that were being researched by military for use in tactical situations a few years ago. I also remember seeing them being researched by universities as they have civillian puproses too. Well just like most things, they trickle down to the average Ahmad sooner or later abd can no wbe built for a fairly cheap price in kit form. To see what is so cool about these things, check out the video. Just wait for about 20 seconds in to be blown away.

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    • Thulfiqaar

      That’s absolutely amazing! and this can have practical use in the military as well. Put a cam on and you have a very fast scout! 

    • Fredrik Haikarainen

      Really impressive video! I’ve just started ordering parts to build one, where can I find information about the specs in the video? 

      • Muslim Gamer

         Hi Fredrick, unfortunately I don’t have more information on that quadcopter. I did some reading up myself as I was interested in getting one and I realised there are a lot of kits available from different hobby stores online. Have a look around and you should find them :)

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