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  • We are back!

    Muslim Gamer Forums

    Salamualeykum everyone! We were down for a few days as we made our move to the new server. We out grew our last server a lot quicker than expected with the expansion of our forums, so using that as an excuse we laid the grounds for expansion and new projects by making the move.

    Coming up to a year after first launching the site, it also means we are very close to removing the beta logo from our site! The news site has been sadly neglected with a shift of focus to growing the forum community which has been doing well with consistent new registrations since launch. Our Steam group is now over 1000 strong, our recently launched Facebook page is growing and we will expand our social media as we go along too. So with a recent upgrade to the forum features inshAllah the news site will get the focus it has been lacking from here on. As always any feedback is welcome and if you have joined the community on the forums yet, what are you waiting for!

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