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  • Skyrim Mod – Project Arise brings realistic graphics to the game


    I came across this mod and thought the Skyrim players in the community might want to try it out. It claims to give an incredible boost to graphics without hitting frame rates too hard. Apparently its playable at 60 FPS on a decent machine.

    The mod is an overhaul of Skyrims graphics using the latest ENB 0.111 and RCRN HDR 3.0,  giving the visuals a boost with a focus on realism all while keeping your frame rates running smoothly.  Features are listed below and you can get the mod here 


    • Very dark, realistic, nights
    • Realistic lightsources
    • Realistic weather effect, such sunny days, foggy days/nights, real dawns and sunset, rains/snow.
    • Dark, involving dungeons
    • Realistic lighting inside houses/taverns
    • Realistic seasons
    • Post process injectors built in (that makes this mod incompatible with FXAA post process injector), for an incredibly realistic night effects (from RCRN)
    • Dynamic Depth Of Field
    • Better Dynamic snow (from opticshooter) compatability


    projectarise 560x350 Skyrim Mod   Project Arise brings realistic graphics to the game

    Instructions on installing the Project Arise Skyrim Mod below

    To use this mod u will have to uninstall following mods:

    – any mods who tweak ambient fog, exterior fog or volumetric fog, like revamped exterior fog or remove ambient interior fog
    – any mods who tweak lights like realistic lighting
    – any mods who tweak saturation or colors
    – FXAA post process injector
    – if u were using the greenwater fix, remove it, this version has no greenwater bug.


    1) install RCRN 3.0 taken from this link
    1.1) when prompted install RCRN in your Skyrim root (where the file TESV.EXE is located)
    1.2) when prompted install PURE version
    1.3) when prompted click yes at FXAA (at the end of RCRN installation)

    2) Extract the zipped archive ( in your Skyrim root (where the file TESV.EXE is located), overwrite when asked

    3) Download ENBSeries 0.111 kage, wrapper version from just copy the d3d9.dll into Skyrim root (where the file TESV.EXE is located)

    4) Run Skyrim launcher to auto reconfigure graphic detail

    if u haven’t a good machine, set antialiasing at 2x and shadows to medium

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