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  • Ramadhan 2012 – Quick Fiqh by Abrar


    Salamaulaeykum and Ramadhan mubarak! We are cutting back on the gaming articles and increasing the Islamic articles over Ramadhan, so to kick things off we have Abrar our Minecraft modding extrodniar putting his blocks down and picking his Fiqh book up. He was posting some Fiqh related posts on the forums so we thought we would get him to post them on the news site for us. Enjoy!

     Introduction and Disclaimer

    Assalamu-alaikum Everyone. Inshallah, I plan on reading a really big fat fiqh Book this Ramadan, and making myself a Quick Fiqh Reference Guide. I plan on posting bullets of the information each time I read a section or so here.

    If anyone wants to follow along with me, im reading Fiqh-us-Sunnah by Al Sayyid Sabiq, you can find a free E-version here. It is not the exact same one I am reading, but it should have all the same information. I am saying right now, for my quick reference guide, I don’t plan on adding all the prooofs etc, only the actions and if they are sahih or questionable. And it is safe to assume everything I say in this book is proven Sahih and is absolute unless I have tagged it as questionable. If anyone has a question about somethign said here, or wants to challenge something, or something of that sort. Please leave a comment or post on the official forum thread. I will be happy to offer the proofs and clarification on any point provided it is asked for nicely.

     Table of Contents

    Bismillah-Ar-Rahamn-Ar-Raheem, let us begin!

    Section 1: Tahara (purity)

    Mutlaq water (water that is considerred pure and can be used for wudu and stuff)

    • Water from the sky (rain, snow, hail)
    • Sea/ocean water
    • ZamZam
    • Alterred water (if it falls under the term water, then it is pure)
    • used water (water other people used for wudhu and such)
    • Water with pure element mixed in (where pure is not the scientific pure, but religious pure. pure things include food coloring, flowers etc. This is in accordance with the above rule that it must be still called water, NO LEMONADE MIX)
    • Water that contains impure elements, but has not lost the default properties of water (taste, color, smell). (impure elements include urine, blood, dung, etc). ** Abrar’s note: this also seems to mean that if the body of water is large enough that no amount of contamination can change its color and smell and stuff, think a large lake, then almost nothing can make it impure, even if someone dies in the water and stays floating there, as long as the above rules are applied.
    • Leftover water (whatever is left in a glass or bowl after someone or something has drunk from it. Animals included.)
    • *exception Water left in a container after being drunk from by a dog or pig is considered completely impure. ** Abrar’s note: dogs and pigs are completely impure in my opinion, not to mention the ‘wash 7 times’ rule regarding anything a dog licks, eats, or drinks out of. Not to mention a chew toy.

    Najasah (Impurities, things that are considered as referred to by other sections)

    • Dead animals(including…)
      • Animals that die or are killed by any way other than the proper Islamic Slaughtering method.
      • A part that was cut off of a live animal is also considered dead.
      • *exceptions to the above rule (instances where dead animals are considered pure)
        • Dead animals of the sea
        • Dead locusts
        • Dead animals with no running blood   (ants, bees, most tiny bugs)
        • Bones, Horns, Claws, Feathers, Fur, and Skin of dead animals.
    • Blood(Blood that flows from an animals body upon death pr injury, or from menstruation)
      • *exceptionsto the above rule (instances where blood is considered pure)
        • Blood still flowing in your veins.
        • Blood that is left in food. (from impropert cleaning or such)
        • Blood coming from you, when you are bleeding due to a wound, but only if it is in small amounts. (a small ammount is a few drops)
        • Blood coming from a popped pimple, or a flee.
    • Pigs meat (see Surah An’am, ayah 145)
      •  *exception it is permissible to knit with the hair of a pig according to most of the scholars.
    • Vomit, urine, and excrement of a person
      • *exception the vomit and urine of an unweaned baby boy. (The vomit and urine of a baby boy that has not yet begun to eat solid foods only requires only the sprinkling of water over them rather than the full procedure of washing)
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