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  • Mechwarrior Online – Beta Available Soon


    In a recent Question and Answer session, the leads from Piranha Games revealed a bunch of new details about the upcoming free to play Mech game, MechWarrior Online.

    You can see the full details of the MWO Q&A here. While there was some great news announced there were also some very disappointing answers. We learned that

    • There will be no legs being blown off the mechs but there will be crits,
    • Not much of  skill system will be there at launch, more so just a matchmaking system,
    • They confirmed that there will eb an upcoming open beta ,
    • Looks like no quads at launch, might be added later in the game
    • Players will get 1 free mech to start. They can chose from 4, 1 in each class – light, med, heavy, assault.
    • MechWarrior Servers in every Region

    That last point is the one I am most looking forward too! It would be great to have an Asian or Australian MechWarrior server rather than the usual US and Europeon options. I guess its just a matter of wait and see.

    As more details come through we will update again as we wait on minimum specs for the CryEngine 3 powered Mech game.

    mwo2 560x315 Mechwarrior Online   Beta Available Soon


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