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  • Mass Effect 3: Impressions of the Game

    Mass Effect 3

    Roketfiq recently won our giveaway for Mass Effect 3, so he has been nice enough to write up a quick first impression of the game for us. Its not really a review and its not really a run down, its….well its a first impression, a 2 minute review if you will. Enjoy!


    Mass Effect 2 was a good game but it was also very clunky. Menus felt slow and the reaction/interaction between you and the environment had the same feeling too. It was just plain clunky. Mass Effect 3 however has changed this. Game gunplay and movement throughout the levels is far more fluid, the clunkiness from the previous Mass Effect games rear its head from time to time in cover situations and also in some dialogue, but overall – its pretty good.Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 640)

    The combat is definitely very satisfying as it inst too easy, but it isn’t too hard either. There are times where you really need to take a step back and assess the situation before pushing forward but the game does allow you to go in all guns blazing too, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing after a long day.


    One thing OI noticed is how much better the AI is in ME3 compared to previous ME games. If you attack and the NPC feels pinned – I noticed that they retreat. If you’re far away and it senses weakness – NPC’s will advance. It seems to know when and how to flank as well and I have definitely been surprised by it so far.

    Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 640)Story:

    Dont worry, no spoilers here.  All I’m going to comment on is how much BETTER the story line is compared to Mass Effect 2. The dialogue is much better, the feeling of urgency is better, and the scope is a lot  bigger. Its like Star Trek – but in a good way (Inc Trekky fans). Diplomacy feels relevant and you have to think through your decisions a whole lot more than in Mass Effect 2. Previously you made decisions  between being a paragon or renegade, this time round there’s so much more – is this the right thing to do? Will it help my cause?

    Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 640)


    So far the game has been performing very well. No crashes, no issues. Im happy with it in this regard.


    This is the sore spot of the game. I dont understand Biowares logic in not providing hi-res textures from the beginning. I couldnt tweak many settings from inside the game. I had to use nVidia’s Control Panel and the Mass Effect 3 config tool to be able to get the game to look better.Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 640)

    TO use the Hidden Mass Effect 3 Tool go to your hard drive and find C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3\Binaries > MassEffect3Config

    It allows you to tweak a few more settings BUT you would still need to use ATi or nVidia tools to get the game looking extra crisp. Anyway, that concludes my early impressions. If you want to know about other stuff – let me know!



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    • AhmadSA

      Okay I MIGHT get this after all…

      • Thulfiqaar

        Really? hmm I’m curious to see what your opinion is :D

    • Guest

      “moslem cry”
      nice incoming search terms.
      What is that? Far cry for Muslims?

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