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  • The Maghreb – A Crusader Kings 2 Playthrough – Introduction


    Minameisneo from the Muslim Gamer Forums recently started an awesome thread detailing his adventures through Crusader Kings 2. We thought it had a rightful place here on the news site as well as the forums. Its a great read through if you have wondered what its like to play Crusader Kings 2, which also has the awesome addon “Sword of Islam”.



    Asalamualaikum, Muslim Gamer! I’m going to start a Crusader Kings 2 (CK2) play through in which I will play as a Muslim character. I will start at 15 September 1066 and inshAllah play all the way through to the end year of 1453.

    For those who have not been acquainted with Crusader Kings 2, it is a historical strategy game in which the player is able to play as characters from a dynasty in Europe, the Mediterranean or the Middle East. The only requirement of the game is for the dynasty to survive from 1066 to 1453. Whatever you choose to do during this time is all up to you. You can try to conquer Europe or live out a simple life in your own county. War, intrigue and diplomacy are all vital as you make your way to 1453, making sure your family survives.

    If you would like to read more about the game and expansion, Brother Fadi has written a fantastic review of the Sword of Islam DLC required to play as a Muslim in CK2.


    It’s kind of a shame to say it but….Steam says I currently have 138 hrs played…

    • A disclaimer before I begin. A key game mechanic that separates Muslim and Christian dynasties is the Decadence mechanic. It is measured by a percentage. It is incurred when there are unlanded males in your dynasty and/or the males who have land dont have enough of it.
    • If your dynasty’s decadence is low, you will gain bonuses to morale and income.
    • If your dynasty’s decadence is high however, you will incur penalties to moral and income. Other Muslim leaders can ask the Caliph for permission to declare war on you in a sort of excommunication. If your decadence is at 100% for quite awhile, a HUGE army will appear in one of your counties and will try to usurp the throne from you.
    • The main way to keep your decadence low is to either kill or imprison your close male relatives that cause decadence. You could also marry them off to other realms. The former is usually much easier to do.

    I’m not too happy that the game works this way but you’d need a way to balance the Muslims because they can get quite overpowered in the game.



    Chapter 1:Part 1

    The Maghreb – The King is dead rotting in prison! Long live the King!


    As the title suggests, I have chosen a character from the Maghrib, North Africa. He is Emir Yusuf I of the Almoravid dynasty, currently ruling over present day Morocco. It’s an area of conflict, with Christians and Muslims vying for control of Spain.


    Zoom in (real dimensions: 547 x 767)
    Smashing, aren’t I?


    15 September 1066

    I am a vassal of Sultan Abu-Bakr (but not for long…hehehe) who’s my cousin. I plan to usurp the Sultanate from him somehow, whether it be though deceit or a nice punch to the face. But there are more pressing matters at hand. Marriage! I have a son, sure, but who will carry my lineage if both of us happen to die in battle or a mysterious “accident”? I cannot take that risk!

    As Emir, I am desirable enough (to the rulers anyway) to be a suitor to many women. I’d like my future wife to be a person with many positive attributes. I’d like a spouse who’s a genius, is kind, patient, humble, dilligent, brave and just. Looking at the people who would accept me as a son-in-law, I realise that there aren’t many ladies who are my type. Sigh, guess nobody’s perfect. I’d like the chance to have genius children though, so I guess I’ll choose a genius wife. Theyre like super women/men of our medieval world.

    So I thought of Kolonkan and Deye. (Genius trait is the pink brain with light shining from it). But someone else caught my eye.

    Salaama. Though clubfooted, she is zealous, brave, temperate and patient. Oh I’m in love! I must ask her liege for her hand in marriage.

    Mashallah, he said yes!

    And I am fulfilled (: Now on to more serious matters. In my plot to be Sultan, I formed a faction demanding that the incumbent steps down and places the handsome, brave and most importantly powerful ME in his stead!



    Zoom in (real dimensions: 547 x 766)

    Zoom in (real dimensions: 586 x 374)
    He unwisely refuses so I shall whoop his sorry butt.


    Zoom in (real dimensions: 1920 x 1080)
    No problemo, Demi Lovoto. MY ARMY IS MADE OF STEEL. I kid, but you should know that that Sultanate is most definitely mine.

    I’ll ask everyone else who hates you to join my side.

    Some accept.

    But some refuse. (I’ll deal with them later).


    Zoom in (real dimensions: 1255 x 734)
    His puny army doesn’t even dare to engage me so I siege his county.


    Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

    Crusader Kings 2 is available from Gamersgate (DRM Free), Green Man Gaming, Gamefly and Amazon


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    • theMalaya

      Ahaha, ok, im waiting for the next part..btw, i picked up the Tunis empire though the difficulty is kinda hard but yeah what’s better than beginning with a small only one vassal empire, ehehe. But still i need more idea on how to work on it especially in dealing with prestige, and not to forget the decadence…anyway thx for the review pal Salam ^^

    • AzdiPride

      Awesome ARR Neo! Can’t wait for more!

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