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  • How to Build a PC?


    Kreax from the Muslim Gamer community recently started a series on our forums aptly titled “How to build the ultimate uber gaming monster machine for under $2″….well that might be a bit of an exaguration.. It was titled “How To Build A PC” . Seeing as its something that comes up a bit, I thought we would feature the series here on the news site too! So Ahlan wa Sahlan to Part 1!

    As Kreax fills up the below 6 parts ill link them in each article so those of you following along can link through.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. What is My Purpose
    3. Picking Out Parts
    4. Putting Together Your Humpty Dumpty
    5. It’s ALIVE!!… erm What do I do now?
    6. Valuable Resources/References


    There comes a time in every person’s life when he/she starts wondering and pondering deep questions like “where am I going in life,” “am I doing the best I can for myself and my deen,” “Do I exist,” “how do I build a computer?”

    While I cannot hope to answer the first two, and think you may need some serious psychological counseling for the third, I’ll take a crack at the fourth and see where this goes.

    What is My Purpose

    The first and most important step for every would-be computer builder is to know how they plan on using their frankenstein.

    Will you be running intense calculations, hoping the results of your research will one day rid the world of cancer? Will you be fervently creating CGI for the next award-winning Final Fantasy Bazillion: My Hair is Cooler than Yours? Will you be designing cutting-edge architecture, with state-of-the-art CAD software, rivaling the rotating skyscraper of Dubai? Will you…


    Okay, let’s be real, you probably just want to play video games on high settings without lagging like a webpage on dial-up.

    Picking Out Parts

    A computer contains several key components and some optional components. The quality and performance of your component selections will differ based on your purpose. A gamer is typically looking for a high performance set-up, but you can afford to cut costs depending on which games you want to play. Someone with a focus on MMORPGs will be looking at much cheaper parts than someone who wants to play Skyrim on the highest setting while, decked out with 200 mods.

    Moving forward…

    The key components are:

    (1) CPU (Central Processing Unit)

    The first hurdle you will encounter here is “Intel or AMD.” Many enthusiast-level builders (ie. Geeks) and loyal buyers stick with Intel as their brand of choice for CPU’s because of the high performance nature of Intel products. However, AMD is a solid choice for any builder that is either (a) creating a more business oriented set up, or (b) on a tighter budget.

    Typically, Intel will be the way to go since AMD has been lagging behind in terms of price per performance, but with how fast the computer component industry moves, this point may quickly become obsolete. I always encourage people to do their research; it’s really not that hard.

    If you are going to build a computer, you really should consider overclocking your CPU. I won’t go into detail on how since steps differ based on your brand, but it’s really easy. Moreover, Intel encourages users to overclock their CPU, providing you a “one-time hassle-free processor replacement”. I couldn’t find an AMD equivalent to this policy, but if anyone is aware, I would be more than happy to update the guide.

    At time of writing, the Intel i5 2500K is hands down the best value in terms of price per performance. Any serious gaming computer builder should take a careful look at it; most don’t bother to look beyond it.

    After selecting your CPU, take note of its brand and socket type, because you are going to need them to pick your…

    (2) Mobo (Motherboard)

    Part 2 will be up soon inshAllah, why not subscribe to our RSS feed, the forums, facebook or Twitter to keep up to date?

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    • Visualantearts

      This is a nice step by step :) keep em comin inshaAllah! 

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