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  • Best Gaming Setup In the World? How about a $30 000 gaming room!


    You think your pretty good with your gaming setup right? Your proud of your dual monitor setup, joystick and console on a big screen. Well let me show you what a $30 000 gaming setup looks like.

    Maxishine is an Australian gaming nut. I have no idea what job he has and how he got his hands on so much gear, but it puts my Crossfire triple monitor setup to shame. I thought 6000 * 1200 was fun on my custom built desk, then I came across this video.

    Maxishines gaming room is I made a custom wall to wall desk a 42inch LG, GTX580s which will soon be replaced by GTX680 Hydro coppers and a sweet multiplayer setup with 3 pc’s all decked out with the latest hardware. Hey Im in Aus to Maxishine, how about we catch up for some gaming time?

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