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  • An Electronic Sajjada? “The” El Sajjadah Prayer Rug!


    I came across this earlier today and I am not sure what to say. Initially I thought excellent, the mix of technology and deen done right. Then I saw some images and thought again..then I saw the price…. then I wrote this…

    Brother\Sister who ever is behind this kickstarter project, believe me when I say I love technology, I am around it all day and love the stuff. Believe me when I say I love my Deen, no real explanation required there. Those within the community here know how I feel about Kickstarter projects, infact I wrote an article aptly named “Kickstarter, the greatest scam of 2012“. Its not because I dont want to support up and coming entrenepeurs or that I have something against a great idea. Its becuase 99.99% of the stuff on Kickstarter  is asking me to give someone else money so they can live their dream out, fund their idea, buy them that dream house they always wanted, and I get a digital PDF that says thankyou in return. Works for some I guess, but I prefer WMD style of funding projects unless there is a real benefit to the greater community.

    I hoped this was different, I hoped this was going to be me swallowing my pride and eating my words, “EL Sajjadah” was going to be the first time I was going to fund a Kickstarter Project. I eagerly went to the El Sajjadah Kickstarter page to find out more.

    So what is El Sajjadah? Well apparently

    The ‘EL’ stands for ‘Electro Luminescent’ and ‘Sajjadah’ means ‘Prayer Mat’. EL Sajjadah is thin and flexible. You can roll it and carry it around in its special case.

    • EL Sajjadah is an illuminating prayer mat that lights up when facing Mecca.
    • ‘EL’ stands for ‘Electro Luminescent’ and ‘Sajjadah’ means ‘Prayer Mat’. EL Sajjadah is thin and flexible. You can roll it and carry it around in its special case.
    • EL Sajjadah is not only a functional / practical product but also a unique art piece that you can hang on the wall as a night light. 
    That was the basic sales pitch. So already I am questioning what is the intention here? Is it to assist in finding Qibla, is it an art piece or is it….a night light?
    Anyway, I kept reading on,
    EL Sajjadah shows the right direction to pray by lighting up the patterns on its surface when facing Mecca, so that the interface becomes the prayer mat surface itself. Two pieces of information are required in order to do this:
    • where north is, which is provided by a built-in digital compass,
    • where we are in the world, which is manually input by the user via the ‘city selection button’.

    EL Sajjadah operates on:

    • mains power,
    • or rechargeable batteries.

    Ok sounds good again, a digital compass is in there so I know im going to be praying to the right direction. I already have this on my phone but hey, its a good talking point so why not have my sajjadah light up when im pointing in the right direction. Not everyone can afford a whiz bang phone so for them this might be perfect.

    The Kickstarter page then goes on about the coverage it has received so far,

    Excellent, some good coverage about Muslims for once, cant complain there. So how much does this cost brother, how can I support you? $20, $50, $100? How about $625….

    Thats right brothers and sisters, for a measly $625 you too can have a light up Sajjadah! Back anything lower than that and you get a Thankyou to an A3 print. So dont worry about just buying a $20 sajjadah and then donating to those in Syria that are hungry this Ramadhan! Support this for $500 and have a whiz bang light up night light\sajjadah\ artistic prayer rug!

    I like your idea mate, but I think my money can be better spent on something else this Ramadhan.


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    • Thulfiqaar

      I do not approve of the above article and I love kickstarter. Don’t worry though I still love All you people that are reading the above article, don’t worry just because the admin is of that opinion doesn’t mean that all the members are, in fact if I had to guess I would say that the majority disagrees with gengis about the

      As for the sajida kickstarter? lol that’s just a joke, i don’t take them seriously. I’m sure there are loads of other silly products out there, but if you see a good kickstarter project that is worthy of pledging for then do it. As long as you do your research and trust them to deliver.

      • Andrei Cantey

        It is always easier for someone to post negative opinion to the reporter. it is not always easier for someone to post positive opinions because it did not bother them. I really enjoyed the opinions that the admin gave to this article. Great job again.

    • LayyahB

      I completely concur!!! What a waste of money!!! especially when you can look at the sun or stars, and pray on grass for free! Oh and a compass, if you wanna go that route, is only a couple of bucks. I’ll def be stickin’ to my nice plush carpet. Thanks, but NO Thanks!

    • Muslim4life


      A Prayer Mat is only for a clean place to pray, nothing fancy. I think this is a waste of money

    • Mr Engrazy Speakkung

      well , i believe its awesome for those who migrated to those places where no mosque , no clear directions of MACCA , some time compass is confusion too ! so this rug is great ! but some people do not understand its benefit because they never been out of their town or city or country ! or they never lived in non muslim countries ! i travel so frequently and my main problem is to find MACCA direction to perform pray ! THANKS FOR THIS LOVELY INVENTION !

      • chadi Charafeddine

        السلام عليكم where can I find this rug in Canada , or maybe online
        thank u

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