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  • A Diablo Competition That Your Beard Can Win For You!


    So anyone waiting for Diablo 3 by any chance? Got a beard by any chance? Well have i got a news story for you! Blizzard has launched their Diablo 3 community site which has a blog that will keep everyone up to date with pics, news, videos and competitions. So how is that beard of yours going to help you with Diablo 3?

    Diablo 3 Beard

    Diablo 3 Beard

    Looks like their first competition is a beard growing competition! Basically just send them a pic of your beard, then keep growing it till launch! Now you shouldnt be growing a beard just for Diablo, its Sunnah so you should have one already, so get some fringe benefits and enter the competition too. The devs have photos of their efforts on the site and it looks like they are getting into it quite nicely too.

    Now what if your a female? Well looks like they have thought of that too,

    Some of the ladies and less hirsute gentlemen out there may be thinking, “But what about me? My facial hair is fragile and wispy, like the gossamer of dreams.” To you we issue a separate challenge: craft the finest mock-beard you can from any assorted objects or substances you have handy, and then model it for the world to see.

    So show Blizzard how its done and get your entries off to .

    Incoming search terms:

    diablo beard,moslem beard sunnah,diablo beard contest

    • Thulfiqaar

      lol, now that’s a challenge I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing this :D

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