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  • BF3 To Have The Biggest Battlefield Map ever – Bandar Desert


    I have to admit, I havent touched BF3 in a while. Its a shame really. The one game I had been waiting for for years and I was disappointed. The close quarters DLC announcement didn’t do much for me as I didnt want to play Modern Warfare. But now…now there is Bandar Desert!

    Bandar Desert, the largest Battlefield map to date is a 1.9km land mass between the U.S. and Russian deployment zones as part of the ‘Armored Kill’ DLC.  Caspian border may feel large, or for the older generation, Fu She Pass from BF2 may bring memories of long walks during the sunset, well Bandar Desert is to be bigger than both.

    According to DICE Designer Inge Jøran Holberg,

    “Should you count the distance between your spawned jet and the enemy spawned jet, you will end up with 2,400 meters on Bandar Desert. From the closest capturable flag to the furthest capturable flag, you are looking at around 1,200 meters. For Caspian Border, the equivalent distance is just about 400 meters.”

    While I do like the sound of a nice big map to run around in, I hate DLC with a passion. Stuck between a rock and hard place I am.
    Bandar Desert is said to support 64 players and jets, thats of course for the PC master race. Consoles will have to do something else while the adults play games on big maps.



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    • me not you

      Besides BF3 this whole deal of someone getting offended for whats put on a picture frame is CRAZY especially when the complainer is running around killing people. What would Allah think of that??!!!

      • Muslim Gamer

        I am not sure what you mean me not you?

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