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    Dota2 Advanced Mechanics Guide
    A gamers Journey from Windows to Linux [Part 1]
    Sword Of Islam DLC For Crusader Kings 2 [PC Review]
    Muslim Gamer Releases its first Community Game!

    Dota2 – The International 2014


    A lot of the charms of Dota2 come from how it focuses on the pro scene. This is how Dota has been since before Dota2, the primary has always been to tournaments, to pro play, balance, depth and of course… complete and utter chaos :-)
    To those who watch pro dota, you already know how very different it is to your regular games. Get ready for more of that.

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    Dota2 Advanced Mechanics Guide


    Welcome five people in the world who will be reading this. I will be using as few little words as possible to provide a more quick and compressed learning experience on a game that you will probably never be good at. Not because the game is too or unnecessarily hard. In fact it’s pretty easy to get into, but simply because you aren’t very good. For your own sake that is a fact you should accept as soon as possible, if you haven’t already. Luckily for you though it’s also a pretty fun game once you get the hang of it. Reading all this compact info will improve your knowledge of the game and hopefully make you a better player in turn, though obviously no one will be holding their breath for that to happen… So let’s get started.

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    Humble Indie bundle X : Mini reviews of the games


    Slm all, Severok one of our newest members on the forum posted a nice roundup of the games from the latest Humble Indie Bundle X so I thought I would cross post it on the news page too.


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    Steam Summer Sale 2013 Day 5 vs Amazon Summer Sale


    Slm all, Every sale I try and put together an Steam Sale vs Amazon, so I have slapped together this one. A lot of the time Amazon is cheaper and can be redeemed on Steam, plus you get a $5 credit for use in the January sale. Making games less than $5 essentially free if you buy something in January. Check out the full list below.

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    My Journey from Windows to Linux as a gamer : Which Linux distro should I choose?

    The Linux Journey

    Slm all,
    The news site here at Muslim Gamer has been neglected for long enough that I thought its time I updated with a new post. This has been due to a few reasons, the main one being work and time. Ill just quickly add in here that our forums are always active along with updates on the Muslim Gamer Facebook and Twitter pages. OK onto the main subject…

    I have been dealing with Linux on and off as all our gaming servers and sites run on a Linux servers. So while I have some familiarity with Linux, I have never really worked with Linux in a desktop environment, more so just command line, SCP and FTP to update the sites and for VPN’s. For those that don’t know, I am a bit of a privacy nut. After all the recent talk of Prism after the Edward Snowdens leaks, it was in a way the straw that broke the camels back. Asad from our forums is the spokesman for Linux. In fact, Ill be pushing for him to start posting in this series (there’s your invite Asad). He has been pushing for everyone to at least try Linux and see how it can work alongside Windows.

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    The Maghreb – A Crusader Kings 2 Playthrough – Introduction


    Minameisneo from the Muslim Gamer Forums recently started an awesome thread detailing his adventures through Crusader Kings 2. We thought it had a rightful place here on the news site as well as the forums. Its a great read through if you have wondered what its like to play Crusader Kings 2, which also has the awesome addon “Sword of Islam”.

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    Amazons massive February Sale – with an additional 25% off any game!


    Amazon has decided to kind of go nuts with an End of February sale.  With literally hundreds of games on sale, the list includes new and old games. You can also get 25% of one game with a coupon too. So check out the list and see if there is anything you want in the list.

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    [2 Minute Review] Age Of Booty


    This wont be a review of the game and this wont be a write up of the game. This will be a fair warning to others so when the next Steam sale pops up, you don’t make the same mistake I did. Age of Booty Crashes information incoming…

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    Ramadhan 2012 – Quick Fiqh by Abrar


    Salamaulaeykum and Ramadhan mubarak! We are cutting back on the gaming articles and increasing the Islamic articles over Ramadhan, so to kick things off we have Abrar our Minecraft modding extrodniar putting his blocks down and picking his Fiqh book up. He was posting some Fiqh related posts on the forums so we thought we would get him to post them on the news site for us. Enjoy!

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    Ramadhan Mubarak


    Salamualeykum everyone! Ramdhan is finally here! As a result we have pulled back on the gaming during this month so you wont see any new gaming articles or posts here until after Eid. This month is a time to take a break from some things and for me that means gaming.

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    Green Man Gaming – Free Games Back Again – Beyond Divinity


    Green Man Gaming has one feature that other Digital Gaming stores just cant beat. You can trade in your games. the other thing thats cool,  the y give away free games pretty consistently. So lots of people get the free game and then use the trade in value to get games they want. Right now you can pick up Beyond Divinity.

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    Steam Summer Sale 2012 Day 4 – Prices, Flash Deals, Publisher Bundles, DRM and Metacritic Information


    The Steam Summer Sale 2012 is continuing on draining wallets across the globe and Day 4 is almost here.

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    Steam Summer Sale 2012 Day 2 : Prices, Flash Deals, Publisher Bundles, DRM and Metacritic Information


    And here we are agian, Day 2 of the Steam Summer Sale 2012. It has been a bit of a weak start to the Sale but Im sure many have already purchased a tonne of games.  We have todays roundup of games, DRM, AU, EU and other regional pricing as well as the Metacritic scores for each game. Let the sales begin!

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    EA Says Sales are bad for Industry, Valve Says No U!


    EA’s DAvid Martini ruffled some feathers when he said that Steam Sales “Cheapen Intellectual property” and that Origin would not be doing anything of the sort. Ofcourse soon after they did have a 40% off sale which made them look a little…silly. Well now Valve have decided to throw some logs onto the fire with a reply to EA.

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    BF3 To Have The Biggest Battlefield Map ever – Bandar Desert


    I have to admit, I havent touched BF3 in a while. Its a shame really. The one game I had been waiting for for years and I was disappointed. The close quarters DLC announcement didn’t do much for me as I didnt want to play Modern Warfare. But now…now there is Bandar Desert!

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    Fifa 13 Ultimate Edition Release Date – September 28 2012


    Another year means another Fifa game. Get your snacks and drinks ready and prepare to battle in the lounge room. But now not only can you pay for the game, you can also buy the the Ultimate Edition..

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    New Ultima RPG Announced by Bioware and EA Games : Beta Signup Begins


    And you thought Ultima was dead and gone? BioWare and EA have just announced an extension to the Ultima world the classic RPG of days gone by.

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    James Bond 007 – Legends. Confirmed PC Release and Steam Release


    James Bond 007 Legends was slated for a console release only but it looks like Activision has had a change of heart announcing that the game will be out on PC too. Not only that, but it will be a Steamworks title too. Whether thats  a good thing or not ill leave up to you..

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    Orcs Must Die 2 – New Classic Mode Announced


    I blame Robot Entertainment for the lack of friendship between Humans and Orcs. The original Orcs Must Die perpetuated the war, now Orcs Must Die 2 will further it more with a new classic mode.

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    Diablo 3 Auction House: Gold Is Now For Sale


    Diablo 3, the game that couldn’t. What should have been the launch of the decade did become the launch of the decade, but for all the wrong reasons. Amongst all the drop outs, delays, bannings and anything else you can think of, the coveted swap real money for digital stuffs is now good to go.

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    The Secret World Issues Update July 31- Unleashed


    Funcom the developer behind The Secret World has announced that on July 31st the first content update will go live. The updates called “Issues” will bring new missions, nightmare mode, marketplace and more.

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    Best Gaming Setup In the World? How about a $30 000 gaming room!


    You think your pretty good with your gaming setup right? Your proud of your dual monitor setup, joystick and console on a big screen. Well let me show you what a $30 000 gaming setup looks like.

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    Steam Summer Sale 2012 Day 1 : Prices, Flash Deals, Publisher Bundles, DRM and Metacritic information


    We predicted that the Steam Summer Sale 2012 would start on July 12 a few days ago and we were right :) But enough boasting, onto the games, packs and deals. We have rounded everything up for you so you can compare EU, US, Aus prices, DRM, Metacritic and a whole lot more information in one easy place fro you!

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    IOS Game Blot free for a limited time!


    Every now and then games that are normally .99c or more on itunes decide to have a promotion where for a few days you can pick the IOS game up for free. Well today is one of those days! Blot is free so pick it up while you can!

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    PS4 leak? Details on the specs of the PS4 Alpha Dev Kits leaked


    On the back of the Crysis E3 2012 presentation leak, here is another one based on the PS4. Again take it with a grain of salt as leaks are just as good as rumours, but we came across it and thought we would post it. So what can you expect from the PS4? Read on…

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    Crytek E3 2012 Presentation Documents Leaked – Crysis 3 and CryEngine 3 Details


    I just came across this so cant confirm the truth behind it but it there is some interesting information in there so we thought we would post it. The documents give us an insight into Crysis 3, the technology that will go into the game through the use of the updated engine and some images of Cryengine 3 in use.

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    Arma 2’s DAYZ update incoming. Improved Group Mechanics and Underground Bases


    DAYZ the latest runaway hit in the zombie gaming world has done wonders for increasing Bohemia Interactives Arma 2 sales. With rumours around DAY Z being incorporated into Arma 3 and DAYZ even seperating itself as a Free to Play game, we have some confirmed info around an update for you.

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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Movie Announced!


    Here we go again. Another big game another movie. though this time it looks like its the other way round. While usually a game tries to cash in on a successful movie, this is one of the few times that its the other way round. The thing is, almost always, both fail.

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    Secret World Update – 1.0.1 Patch Released


    Funcoms latest MMORPG The Secret World has just released a new update to the game. The patch list  is long and detailed and it looks like it covers everything from the usual bugs and fixes through to texture issues, audio and even interface issues.

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    Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Giveaway!


    One of the most anticipated titles of 2012 is Arena Nets Guild Wars 2. Up until now, Beta access has only been for those that have pre ordered, well we have a way for you to get guaranteed acces to the beta for 2 days and for free, but be quick there’s only a limited number of keys!

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    Hoodwink – E-Ones Latest Point and Click Game [PC Review]


    Hoodwink is the latest Point and Click adventure game from Malaysian based E-One Studios. We spent the last few days playing through from beginning to end and we were pleasantly surprised.

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    Steam Summer Sale 2012 Games Leaked – Prices Included – Updated


    A few days ago we posted a list of the games from the Steam Summer Sale 2012 and the July date that has been thrown around through the CDR database. Today we came across another list, this time with the prices included so we thought we would update the list of games that have been released for the Steam Summer Sale 2012.

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    Styrophoamicus Top 15 Games – From NES to RTS [Part 3]


    We are into the last of this 3 part article by Styrophoamicus as we delve into his top 15 games. With the last 4 games to go, we check out why horror is so much fun, how Mario is still going after all these years and…

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    Styrophoamicus Top 15 Games – From NES to RTS [Part 2]


    Continuing on from Yesterday we have Styrophoamicus Top 15 Games part 2!  As we head over the Game Boy hill to the master race PC we countdown from number 9 to 5.

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    More Zombie News: The Walking Dead Game Announced


    Activision has today announced a first-person game based on The Walking Dead TV show. The developer will be Terminal Reality and will revolved around Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle on a “haunting, unforgiving quest to make their way to the supposed safety of Atlanta.”

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